College Lacrosse Drills

If you feel like you need to be a part of the team, be sure to try out some of these college lacrosse drills. The following college lacrosse drills have been proven to better you as an athlete and overall member of the team. Try out these college lacrosse drills and notice the active spike in your lacrosse ability.

  1. Passing Drill Have you and your partner stand opposite of each other, lacrosse sticks in hand. Start passing the ball with your teammate until you have a good rhythm going, then start a slow jog down the field. Keep passing between each another until you get ten successful passes in a row, in which the two of you speed up. This is one of the best college lacrosse drills that is instrumental to your success in the game.
  2. Scooping Drill Set up two rows of balls. Stick in hand, run to the end of one line, scoop up a ball and place it at the end of the opposite line. Run around the entire set of rows and do this again with the other row. Repeat the process of scooping and replacing balls until you've moved the entire pair of rows down the length of the field or gymnasium. By then, scooping should become second nature leaving you no problem with doing it in the midst of a harsh match.
  3. Wall Ball Drill This is one of the best college lacrosse drills because it only requires that you find a very strong brick or concrete wall. Simply pass the ball to the wall using your stick and see how many times you can catch it and throw it back. This is one of the best and simplest college lacrosse drills because it can be done completely according to your schedule.

These are just a few of the many college lacrosse drills that work outside of practice. Of course, the best place to get college lacrosse drills is to regularly attend practice sessions and be sure to listen to everything your coach tells you. This way, you'll definitely be at the top of your squad with your great knowledge of college lacrosse drills.

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