College Lacrosse Workouts

Finding proper lacrosse college workouts may be a difficult task for a novice looking to become better in the sport. Lacrosse is a sport played with a long stick with a mesh at the end, called a lacrosse stick by some, and a small rubber ball. This is a very technical sport that demands a lot of stamina, great hand-eye coordination and strong athletic abilities. Here is a list of lacrosse college workouts that will better your performance:

  1. Running. Stamina is a very important aspect of lacrosse. You will often find yourself running restlessly from point A to point B while defending or trying to score a goal. Running will improve your stamina, strengthen your core and legs, and burn calories. This will all lead to lean body mass which is desired for this sport in particular. Running should be incorporated in all lacrosse college workouts.
  2. Squats. Squats are an intense compound workout that targets the quadriceps but also reaches secondary muscles all along the legs. Your whole body must be conditioned for this sport, so compound workouts such as this one will aid you greatly. Your focus is muscular endurance and strength, so you should perform around ten repetitions at moderate weight for at least three sets.
  3. Walking lunges. Lunges strengthen the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. Strengthening the legs will increase your running speed which will improve your overall performance in Lacrosse. For maximum efficiency, dumbbells or a barbell should be held during this exercise to add on to the intensity of this workout.
  4. Toe raises. Toe raises strengthen the calves which will improve your spring, vertical jump, and your dashing abilities. This will improve your explosive dashing ability which will certainly aid in improving your performance in lacrosse. As an isolation exercise, it should only be performed to supplement the compound leg workouts rather than be the focus of lacrosse college workouts. This exercise should be performed with low weights and high repetitions for three sets.
  5. Bench press. The bench press is a compound workout that targets your chest and triceps depending on which variation. If you do the close-grip bench press, you will be targeting your triceps than the chest. If you do the wide-grip bench press, you will be targeting the chest more than the triceps. Regardless, this compound exercise is useful for building strength in your arms. You should do the bench press with more repetitions per set and a lower weight in order to improve your muscular endurance and strength opposed to trying to achieve hypertrophy and muscle mass.
  6. Dips. Dips are a great supplementary exercise for your chest and triceps. It is a body weight exercise that can be performed on two parallel bars or handles. It is a great supplement to the bench press and it targets the triceps primarily. Eight to ten repetitions should be performed with this exercise after doing several compound arm workouts.
  7. Push-ups. The push-up is a basic body weight exercise that is fairly easy to perform. For those whom are new to sport sand exercise in general, push-ups are a great way to start off building strength in the arms, chest and core.
  8. Deadlift. The deadlift is a compound workout that targets the back. It strengthens the lower back primarily, but also strengthens your grip and builds upon several secondary muscles such as the glutes and legs.
  9. Pull-ups. Pull-ups are multiple variations, all of which tend to strengthen the biceps and back. Wide-grip pull-ups will strengthen primarily the back while close-grip pull-ups will strengthen the biceps and back.
  10. Power clean. The power clean is a compound exercise that greatly improves explosive power. It is a very technical lift that is not recommended for beginners. The power clean will summon muscles all over your body, too many to mention, which is why it is often referred to as the king of all lifts. This workout develops both your speed and strength which will lead to improved explosive power. Lacrosse college workouts should improve one’s stamina and explosive power, because that is what the sport demands.
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