College Party Themes

While toga parties are synonymous with college parties, there are plenty of other college party themes to choose from. There are college party themes that require costumes to keep everyone in the party mood and ones that simply require a specific type of decor. Some involve a group activity that keeps everyone engaged in the theme.

  1. Throw a decade party to get everyone in costume. With decade college party themes, you get to pick the decade, and everyone who attends must wear a corresponding costume. This has a lot of potential for fun and outrageous costumes, depending on which decade you choose. 
  2. Hold a rave party to simulate a club rave in your own space. This one requires plenty of blacklights, glow sticks and a certain psychedelic decor. Have techno music on hand and get ready to dance.
  3. Bring out the grass skirts with a Hawaiian theme. This is one of the easier college party themes to throw if you have a few fresh flowers and a grass skirt. Put together a tray or two of fruit, some drinks with umbrellas, and let everyone know to brush up on their hula dancing.
  4. Go back to your childhood with a pajama party. With this college party theme, you have a costume party made up of outfits that everyone already has. And since everyone is already in their pajamas, they can crash once the party does. This is a useful idea for college parties when there is a lot of drinking anticipated. 
  5. Throw a punch party to spread the cost. With students chronically short on money, asking everyone to bring their favorite drinks is a way to throw an affordable party. Mix it all together for a drink that is unique to each party. Alcoholic drinks, juice, soda- put it all together and pass around the cups.
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