College Wrestling Workouts

Looking for college wrestling workouts? You've come to the right place because we've got them here for you. Wrestling is a great sport that takes dedication, strength and skill, and the best workouts will help you work on your technique and strategy. They will also help condition and prepare your body for the sport so you can feel ready to take on your opponent when the time comes. Read on to find some of the best college wrestling workouts!

  1. Weight training. Participating in weight training is an excellent way to workout and prepare for college wrestling. For those just starting out in the sport, do not do weight training for more than two days a week. Too much training can put a lot of strain on the body, which is not good. Once you become more skilled at wrestling, you may decide you are ready for more weight training during the week. 
  2. Pull-ups. Doing a series of pull-ups in one of the best ways to condition and train yourself for college wrestling. Pull-ups work all of the muscles you need to use during wrestling, especially the arms. Don't do so many that you end up hurting yourself, however. 
  3. Partner squats. Doing partner squats is a great way to work your leg muscles and get them ready for the wrestling mat. Doing partner squats takes a lot of strength in the leg muscles, which is excellent for wrestling preparation. 
  4. Practice wrestling moves alone. You can still practice most of your wrestling techniques by yourself, even if you do not have an opponent. Just jump on the mat and perform your moves as you would if your opponent were actually there. It is not the real thing, but as close to the real thing as you will get. 
  5. Sprawls. Practicing the sprawl is important when you work out and prepare yourself for college wrestling. The sprawl is one of the most basic wrestling maneuvers that you will use again and again and the more you practice them, the better it is for your performance. 
  6. Martial arts. If possible, participate in martial arts on the the side. Martial arts workouts are excellent for wrestling preparation and will condition your muscles for the wear and tear they will experience during wrestling. 
  7. Stretching. Wrestling takes a lot of movement and muscle work and stretching your body as a workout will help your body become more fluid when you begin wrestling your opponent. You will also prevent injuries this way by preparing your body for the abuse it is about to experience. 
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