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Rise above your natural animal instincts to roll around in whatever is available and show off your best smells with a little help from these colognes that women love. Everyone has their own skin chemistry and must choose the scents that work best for them but certain generalities hold true—everyone knows that if you smell of bubblegum after the age of ten you're probably choosing the wrong cologne. Branch out from that bottle of Drakkar Noir you've had on the shelf since you hit puberty and go explore the current world of smells that are out there for your olfactory pleasure.


Hellboy: Sword of Storms Top 10 Horror Anime Movies

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab delves into comic book and movie land and scores big. Nerd cred can be a boon especially when using this cologne designed with the essence of Hellboy in mind.  Named for a hero born from the depths of a hell-like plane, the Hellboy cologne presents a blend of masculinity that makes it a scent that women will love. With a strong scent of the aftershave men with real concerns wore before their worries turned to keeping toys mint in box and a soft note of chocolate, this cologne has the feeling of strength without assaulting other people's noses. Getting a dose of bad boy scent and the briefest visual of horns makes the scent a perfect dose of strength, confidence and the humor necessary to take on whatever comes your way.

Dolce and Gabbana for Men.

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There are times when the word classic means timeless instead of a cute way of describing an apartment that has wiring from the 1800s and this is that time. Dolce and Gabbana for Men is a cologne that women love because it doesn't try to overwhelm with harsh smells but rather makes a comfortable scent that proves you've risen above dosing yourself in a gallon of body spray. With notes of tobacco, spices and cedar this offering gives a fresh tone that is grounded in earth and won't let you be mistaken for having been dancing in a tropical fruit salad. Don't let your cologne assault every one's senses, let their senses bring them closer to you instead.


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Clinique's Happy for Men, although a bit goofy sounding at first caresses the nose with the scent of a fresh shower and some strong citrus tones. If you're going to smell of any fruit and it can't be watermelon, then citrus is the way to go and Happy achieves this perfectly. Take on the fun aspect of your personality and leave the heady, worldly smells for another day when you throw on Happy. Sullen and stoic can wait as this woman-friendly cologne shows off your playful side which should only be locked away at funerals and in overcrowded public restrooms anyway.

The Ifrit.

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This time tackling the novel "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab jumps into the mythology of the Far East. The Ifrit brings out the mystery of a time where science bowed to the magic of the unknown and humanity still jumped at shadows and loud noises. The smell of red musk dances intimately with cinnamon, having the stars as their only audience. Enhance your own mystery and flavor with this cologne and become the enigma that women love to solve.

Very Sexy for Him 2.

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Better known for their forays into lace and silk, the very feminine Victoria's Secret surprises with a cologne that women love on men without any need for a feather boa. With a woody foundation, Very Sexy for Him 2 builds an herbal tone to the earthiness that showcases much that is the manly side of things. By utilizing sage this cologne adds a clean, natural smell that doesn't seek to mask your natural scent but rather to magnify it to the world at large. Ignore the frills that get evoked by the name, man up and give this one the opportunity to be loved by the women in your life.

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