Colon Cancer Survival Guide

If you have been diagnosed with colon cancer, then you will need a colon cancer survival guide if you want to live as long as possible. To survive any kind of cancer is a blessing, but there are definitely some things you can do to, at the very least, keep the problem from getting much worse. Just keep in mind these aren’t assured ways to survive colon cancer, but they can’t hurt your condition.

What you will need

  • Foods high in fiber
  • Exercise
  1. The best place to start for colon cancer survival is to start by changing your diet immediately. One of the things you want to avoid doing to your colon is clogging it up by getting constipated. You will definitely want to get your recommended daily dose of 25 to 30 milligrams of fiber at the very least each and every day. Some good foods include whole grain breads, fish oil, and raw egg yolks.  If you can’t have these foods on a regular basis for whatever reason, keep in mind there are colon cleaning fiber supplements available at your local supermarket or drug store!Tip: Avoid laxatives and other similar drugs. These will increase the pressure put on your already cancerous colon and could possibly cause many more problems. Clean out your colon the old fashioned way!
  2. If you have colon cancer, another thing you should consider is some counseling. Since there are many psychological aspects to being diagnosed with an illness of this magnitude, it is better that you get professional help to handle it.
  3. The final colon cancer survival tip is to avoid extremely strenuous activity. While you will want to keep your weight normal, avoid any hard work because it will only weaken your body and allow the colon cancer to spread even more than it has been recently. Try walking on a treadmill as your normal exercise because it doesn’t push your body to hurt, but it helps to keep your weight steady!
  4. Your best bet to surviving colon cancer even with all of these steps is chemotherapy. While there are some risks to chemotherapy, the fact that you have serious colon cancer indicates that you should definitely should consider it. The pains involved with chemotherapy include fatigue, nausea, lack of appetite, and greater susceptibility to common sickness such as colds and coughs etc. . This is the way it is because you are ultimately injecting radiation into your body and this is of course repressing your immune system. So if you decide to go with chemotherapy, just keep in mind that there are many pains involved  
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