Combat Arms Hacks

There are many different "Combat Arms" Hacks at the disposal of those that choose to use them. Many choose to only use certain hacks, while others utilize every one available. The biggest risk of using "Combat Arms" hacks is the potential of getting your account banned. For most with lower ranks it isn't much of a loss; however, those with higher ranks of LT and above is a different story. Make sure when using them that you do so with caution, and not to go all out or you may find enough people have reported you resulting in a ban.

"Combat Arms" Hacks List

  1. Aimbot: One of the most commonly used hacks within "Combat Arms" will provide the ability to headshot an enemy with every shot.
  2. OPKing: Allows you to shoot in any direction and headshot your enemies. OPK'ing is the quickest way to get your account banned. There really is no way to hide that you are using this hack.
  3. Chamming: Frequently used and near impossible to prove, it is the second most commonly used hack in "Combat Arms". Chamming allows you to to see through all terrain, fog, and obsticles. You will know when someone is coming around a corner or attempting to snipe from a distance.
  4. Flying: Just as the name of the hack implies, it allows you to fly into the air. Imagine being 100 feet in the air firing down at people who are hiding behind terrain.
  5. Glitching: Commonly used and reported. It could be anything from walking through a wall to firing through terrain that your hiding behind to kill someone. This hack is easy to detect and report with a simple screenshot.

Two other frequent hacks that are used, but generally on a VIP basis, are Tanking and Ghosting. The tanking hack allows you to take additional damage before dying. Many will acuse even legit players of "tanking" if they are wearing a heavy vest due to the extra damage it will protect you from. Ghosting, however, is the most powerful "Combat Arms" hack. Generally, it is reserved for VIP members of sites, and will allow you to be invisible to others. Many will combine this with aimbot and OPK hacks to avoid detection. Others will go behind enemies and knife them to death, the possiblities are endless with the ghost hack in "Combat Arms".

There are a multitude of "Combat Arms" hacks that spring up every day. Those listed above are the most common that are still accessible. Some feel that hacks diminish the "fun factor" while others will disagree, stating it increases their fun. Each person has their own definition of fun, but remember that using any hack can, and likely will get your account banned in the long term.

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