Common Facebook Problems

The most common Facebook problems can be pretty annoying. But to be fair: Facebook has more than 500 million active users worldwide. With that many users transferring a billion bits of content a day something is bound to go wrong. In general, Facebook is an efficient and user-friendly social networking platform, but here are some of the most common Facebook problems.

  1. Repetition of Text. This is with regards to Facebook internal chat sessions. Often users find that their or their partner’s text repeats. This isn’t a big deal unless the text continues to repeat – not allowing new text to get through. It can cause embarrassment, for example if you type a line like ‘Are you coming over?’ and then it repeats five or six times making you look like a stalker. This defect has caused many users to stop using Facebook chat out of embarrassment and frustration. This problem can be solved by both people quitting any extra programs that affect bandwidth.
  2. Unexpected Facebook Chat Logouts. Again this is related to the chat platform within Facebook. Users are sometimes logged out of the chat application without realizing what has happened. Because you don’t realize you’ve been logged out you may sit staring at your screen for several minutes waiting for your partner to respond. When you find out that you or your partner has been unexpectedly logged out, it can be irritating and has led to many misunderstandings, especially when chats cut out at crucial moments.
  3. Unexpected Facebook Logouts. This is similar to the issue with sudden Facebook chat logouts. Users are unexpectedly logged out of Facebook and have to re-enter their login details to get back into the social networking platform. This is probably one of the oldest common Facebook problems. This is also a bandwidth problem, so cutting out computer applications that slow down bandwidth will help to reduce the number of occurrences of this problem.
  4. Browser Incompatibility. Some internet browsers experience glitches when Facebook chat is active. Firefox is extremely susceptible to this problem. The keyboard sometimes becomes disabled when chat messages are received. This is when the user is typing in another tab. The keyboard gets stuck in the other tab and users have to scroll through all their open tabs to unlock the Facebook keyboard so that they can respond to the Facebook chat message. Firefox isn’t the only browser that Facebook has glitches with. Google Chrome seems to lock the Facebook homepage, and the system is unresponsive until the user receives a ‘Kill Page’ prompt from the browser.
  5. Game Problems. Many people experience problems with accessing their games on Facebook, such as Farmville, Mafia Wars and Cafe World. Sometimes users are unable enter their game, being redirected back to their homepage or simply told to try again later. Also with regards to games, users have reported problems such as game inconsistencies. For example, in the game Cafe World, users have reported repeated dish preparation, cooking delays and incorrect finances. These problems have caused users to stop using these and other Facebook games. But we can't blame that on Facebook – that would be the game developer's fault.
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