Common Long Distance Relationship Problems

If you are in a long distance relationship, you ought to know its common problems. No matter how awesome your girlfriend is, there is no such thing as a perfect long distance relationship. The following list will prepare you for common long distance relationship problems.

  1. Communication. If you are in a long distance relationship, communication between you and your girlfriend is a common problem. Regardless of the amount of time that both of you have scheduled for any type of interaction, misunderstandings could happen. 
  2. Trust. Trust is the other common problem in a long distance relationship. In fact, any relationship is based on trust. For example, you and your girlfriend have been talking to each other through email daily. Both of you have promised each other that no matter how busy either of you are, email for communication. This agreement has been carrying on for a couple of months. One day, you don't see your girlfriend's message in your inbox. The same thing happens for couple of days. You get jealous and you think she is unfaithful to you. Due to your anger, you send out some nasty messages. Your girlfriend finally gets back to you and she was having problems with her computer.
  3. Change of feelings. The last common problem in a long distance relationship a change of feelings in both or either one of the parties. The fact is that people's feelings can change over time. If you don't see your girlfriend you, may forget what you loved about her. Intimacy would be a problem since you two are far away. It truly is a difficult position that may result in a change of feelings. Be honest.
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