Common Wrestling Terms

Are you looking for a few definitions for common wrestling terms? There are many wrestling terms that are used in both amateur and professional wrestling alike. Once you understand what some of those common wrestling terms mean, you will be able to watch some wrestling on your television and know what's going on. The common wrestling terms that are defined below will help you understand the sport of wrestling a bit better than you did before.

  1. Heel and Face. Heel and face are two common wrestling terms that go hand-in-hand. Heel refers to a wrestler that is considered to be a bad guy, which means he is disliked by the audience. You will often see wrestling fans booing wrestlers that are considered to be heels. Being a face, on the other hand, means that the wrestler is a fan favorite and liked by most wrestling fans. It is not uncommon to see a wrestler turn from heel to face or vice-versa.
  2. Finishing Move. If you are watching wrestling on television, you may hear the finishing move also referred to as the finisher. The finishing move is the move that wrestlers use when they want to defeat their opponent. You will generally see a wrestler go in for the pin after he has performed his finishing move.
  3. Pinfall. You may be asking yourself right now what it means when a wrestler goes in for the pin. In order to defeat an opponent, a wrestler may lay on top of his opponent and wait for the referee to count to 3. If the wrestler is able to hold the pinfall under 3, the match is over and that wrestler wins.
  4. Turnbuckle. The turnbuckle is one of the most common wrestling terms. When you are watching professional wrestling on television, you may hear the announcer say that a wrestler is banging another wrestler's head into the turnbuckle. The turnbuckle refers to the metal coupling that you see in each corner of the wrestling ring. The purpose of the turnbuckle is to keep the tension in the ropes.
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