Company Of Heroes Cheat Codes

Company of Heroes cheat codes can be used by players to aid their gameplay. In the game you can control six different divisions of men as they fight through Europe during World War 2. These cheat codes cannot be used in online play in Company of Heroes, but in single player mode only. While these codes do not necessarily give you more weapons or health, they will allow you to navigate through menus and fight more proficiently. Before entering in any of these cheat codes in Company of Heroes, you must first hold CTRL plus SHIFT plus TILDE (~) or CTRL plus SHIFT plus @ to open the console so the cheat codes can be entered.

  1. Big Head Mode. The characters you have running across the battlefield are sometimes difficult to identify amidst all the carnage and mayhem of war. However, there is a Company of Heroes cheat code that gives them a big head, making them easier to pick out. To create Big Head Mode while you are fighting in Company of Heroes, enter in the cheat code ee_bigheadmode 1.
  2. Toggle Fog of War. The fog of war is a disorienting thing that occurs during the game, making you vulnerable to attacks from enemies. However, there is a way to control this fog of war effect in the game, keeping you and your men safe. Toggle the Fog of War on and off enter in the cheat code FOW_Toggle.
  3. Setting game speed. Game speed is sometimes slow in Company of Heroes, as you have to wait for one thing to happen before you and your soldiers can move from one place to the other or attack a specific target. However, there is a cheat code that will speed all of this up. To set the game speed in Company of Heroes, enter in the cheat code setsimrat<number>.
  4. Hide and show taskbar. The task bar in Company of Heroes allows you to have access to more game playing tools immediately. It takes a few action to open and close this task bar, which can sometimes be the difference between life and death in the game. However, there is a cheat code that will allow you to open and close this task bar in Company of Heroes incredibly quickly. To hide and show your taskbar in Company of Heroes, enter in taskbar_hide or taskbar_show. 
  5. Restart or Quit game. Restarting the game in Company of Heroes is as simple as typing in Restart, and quitting the game must be done by typing in Abortgame. This is just another way to make this command happen quickly, especially if you find yourself in a situation where you and your company are doomed and want to restart from where you last saved.
  6. Adjust Statgraph Channels. To adjust the frames per second of the game, the statgraph channel codes must first be adjusted. Do this by typing in statgraph() and then typing in statgraph_channel("fps"). Adjusting these frames per second will speed up the action in Company of Heroes, often making the game more intense.
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