Company Of Heroes Gold Edition Cheats

If you've ever played Company Of Heroes Gold Edition, and felt that it was too difficult, or that the gameplay became bland after a while, then you should learn the Company Of Heroes Gold Edition Cheats. Company Of Heroes is a real-time strategy game, developed by Relic Entertainment. The Gold Edition of Company Of Heroes was released later on with both it's expansion packs included. Although Company Of Heroes Gold Edition has only a handful of cheats, they can alter the gameplay in many ways. To enter a cheat for Company Of Heroes Gold Edition, enter Control (CTRL) + Shift (SHIFT) and Tilde (~) simultaneously or Control (CTRL) + Shift (SHIFT) and @ to bring up the console. Then simply punch in the cheat code you wish to activate, and press the combination again to close the console.

  1. ee_bigheadmode(1/0). This cheat code activates or de-activates 'big-head mode'. This simply gives all characters big heads, giving the game some humor (as well as allowing you to spot enemies easier). 1 activates the cheat and 0 de-activates it.
  2. statgraph_channel("fps"). This cheat code displays frames-per-seconds – which shows you how the game is performing. This can help you change your graphic settings, if you feel that your computer is struggling with Company Of Heroes Gold Edition.
  3. statgraph(). This cheat code enables the 'statgraph_channel' quotes
  4. taskbar_hide. This cheat code hides the taskbar. This is handy as it gives you extra vision and room to maneuver.
  5. taskbar_show. This cheat code shows the taskbar.
  6. abortgame. This cheat code quits Company Of Heroes Gold Edition, taking you to the desktop. This is handy for when you want to quit the game without having to go through long menu screens. Note that the game will not auto-save upon using this cheat, and you will lose any progress until that point.
  7. restart. This cheat code restarts Company Of Heroes Gold Edition. This is especially useful when you are stuck in a glitchy area, or when the game hangs and you are unable to quit normally.
  8. setsimrate<number>. This cheat code changes the game speed. This can help you make the game slower so you can complete the levels with more ease, or quicken the pace if you want a bit of a challenge. The default speed is 8.
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