Company Of Heroes: How To Play Without CD Key

Sometimes the gods of video games don't smile on you, and you may need to find a way to legally play your legitimate copy of "Company of Heroes" without a CD key. Either you reinstalled without realizing your CD key was missing, your CD key has been lost in the years since the game came out, your computer needed a fresh install, or any other real reason for needing to play without your CD has befallen you. "Company of Heroes" is a great game, and not being able to play it will certainly be a bummer, so this guide will attempt to help you find a few ways to get around it.

  1. Get a new CD key. Luckily, Relic and THQ are both very helpful when it comes to assisting their customers. If you still have any proof of your purchase, whether it be a receipt, a credit card statement, or anything in that vein, you can contact customer support and tell them your problem. Even if you don't have any proof of your purchase, the companies may still be able to work with you. Go to their official websites and either call their customer support numbers, send them an e-mail, or post on their support forums. The odds are that this will be the only step you need to complete to get a new CD key and continue on with your game.
  2. Keygenerators. This option exists in a legal gray area, so make sure you have a legal version of the game and an install disk just to be on the safe side. Many websites offer programs that will generate CD keys for you to use. This is because certain programmers have hacked the games CD key database and figured out what pattern or numbers that company uses to register a game. This will work to install your copy of "Company of Heroes", but will most likely make it impossible for you to play the game online- which is a huge part of the fun of the game. Once again, you are probably better off obtaining a new key through the company.
  3. No CD Cracks. While still in the same questionable gray area as keygens, NoCD cracks arguably are the most useful thing that game companies arbitrarily hate. If you have a legitimate copy of "Company of Heroes" but for some reason have lost the disc or damaged it, you wouldn't be able to play any longer. This is, of course, not even remotely fair since you already purchased the game. The reason for this is that most games use very Draconian copyright protection that needs you to keep the disk in your drive at all times. A way around this is to download a NoCD crack, which is essentially a version of the games launcher (the .exe file you use to start the game) that removes the need to have the disk in the drive. This extends the life of your CD or DVD ROM as well as makes the game launch faster. The only downfall is that some games will keep you from playing online with a modified .exe file. In order to install a NoCD, you will need to find what version of "Company of Heroes" you are using, and then Google the game name, the version, and "NoCD." Be careful, however, as many websites that provide these files are far from legitimate. The most trustworthy is most likely, although websites like Filefront also offer NoCD cracks. Now you should have no problem playing your legally purchased copy of "Company of Heroes" on your own terms! Enjoy!
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