Company Of Heroes Mods

If you want to get the best strategy PC gaming experience ever, you need to try out these "Company of Heroes" mods. The following "Company of Heroes" mods do their part to change the gameplay while keeping true to the formula that made "Company of Heroes" an amazing game. If you feel a bit tired from the same old experience you get from replaying "Company of Heroes," be sure to try out these amazing "Company of Heroes" mods!

  1. Moros. This is one of the more ambitious multiplayer-only "Company of Heroes" mods. It takes the focus entirely away from base building and instead shifts it to make the player engage in combat only. This is a great mod because it forces you to think on your feet and avoid the tactic known as "turtling" or just camping out in your base until the end of the match. If you're looking for a great "Company of Heroes" mod that pushes the envelope, be sure to give this one a download!
  2. Back to basics: Battle of the Hedges. This is one of the "Company of Heroes" mods that aims to completely reinvent the gameplay experience. Units are re-balanced and new units are put into place to give each side equal footing. If you feel that "Company of Heroes" is not realistic enough for your tastes, then maybe you should try out this awesome mod!
  3. Chinese battlefield. While many mods and "Company of Heroes," tend to focus on the Western Theater, there are a few games that look at the Pacific Front. This "Company of Heroes" mod converts the game the take place in the Pacific Theater, complete with new maps, units and weapons. This is one of the best "Company of Heroes" mods aimed at history buffs!

If you feel you need to diversify your gaming experience, you should definitely download some of these "Company of Heroes" mods. They'll enhance your gaming experience while keeping enough of the original intact so you know you're playing a great game!

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