Company Of Heroes Opposing Fronts Cheats

Like most games 'Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts' has cheat codes and like most gamers you want to know what those cheats are. While there are not a lot of cheats available, the few that are make the game easier and more fun to play.

  1. Before entering the cheats for 'Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts' you are first going to need to enter the game with the cheat mode on. In order to do this you are going to need to start the game in the -dev mode. Once you have done this you can began entering 'Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts' cheats. Below is a list of what each cheat does and the code to enter it in the game.
  2. Toggle Fog Of War: FOW_Toggle
  3. Remove Fog Of War: FOW_RevealAll
  4. Toggle Big Head Mode: ee_bigheadmode([0 or 1])
  5. Set Game Speed: 10 is defaultsetsimrate([number])
  6. Enable Statgraph: statgraph()
  7. Show FPS When Statgraph Is Enabled: statgraph_channel("fps")
  8. Hide Taskbar: taskbar_hide Hide
  9. Show Taskbar: taskbar_show
  10. Quit: gameabortgame
  11. Restart: gamerestart

Tips: If your cheat codes are not working make sure that you are in the right mode of the game. Check the second paragraph if you do not know how to enter the right mode so you can enter cheat codes. Make sure that you have enter the cheat code right and that there are no misspellings. If the code has been entered right in the right mode then restart the game.

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