Company Of Heroes Tips

If you are a big real time strategy computer games fan, then some Company of Heroes tips are just what you need. This game is designed for those war buffs that just can’t get enough of killing people on a large scale. Aside from the usual unit and building strategies, there are some sweet tricks that you can do in this game. Here are some of them.

  1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Putting all your ground units in a single building is suicide. If the building is destroyed, you will lose all of them. The correct strategy is to disperse your units in many buildings, forcing the enemy to distribute his units as well.
  2. Every great general knows when to retreat. As the cliché goes, you just have to lose a battle in order to win the war. Another Company of Heroes tip is to use the “withdraw command” when you’re facing superior enemy. This allows all of your units to fall back, giving you a chance to reorganize your strategy.
  3. See a tank, blow it up. If you see damaged tanks form the enemy fleeing from the battlefield, follow them and destroy them. Once they reach their base they can be repaired and be sent back to battle, giving you more headaches.
  4. Snipers do a lot of damage. Try to take down as many of your opponent’s snipers as you can, and place your own on strategic locations. A good Company of Heroes tip is to never chase snipers in jeeps – you’ll have to repair the jeep after the chase is over. Use armored cars instead; those nasty snipers won’t be able to damage it as much as they could a jeep.
  5. Snipers are really special. Yes, it’s about snipers again. Why? Because in Company of Heroes micromanaging your snipers can make you win the war. Don’t use your snipers for killing basic infantry units; aim them at mortar and gun crews that can do far more damage than basic infantry.
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