Compliments For Girls

Saying these nice compliments for girls is a great way to boost a woman's self-esteem. Girls usually take a lot of time planning and preparing for the way they look. Giving girls a compliment lets them know that all of their hard work is worth it and shows them your appreciation.

  1. “Your teeth are so white.” This compliment almost guarantees that you will get the girl to give you a big smile. If you are trying to start a conversation, you can ask her how she gets her teeth so white. Only use this compliment if the girl actually does have nice white teeth or you will come off sounding like a fool.
  2. “You have beautiful eyes.” This is another compliment that should get the girl to respond. You have to be ready to tell her why you like her eyes if she asks though. Then you can tell her you like the color, the shape of her eyes or both.
  3. “I like those earrings you have on.” Any girl likes to hear that the accessories she has on are appealing. You can substitute in her watch, necklace or eyeglasses if she wears them. Try to find something about her jewelry that looks good and then pay her a compliment.
  4. “Those shoes look great. Are they new?” Most girls love shoes, so if you notice a girl has on a pair you haven’t seen before, pay her a compliment. Even if they aren’t new you are showing her that you like her taste. You can switch shoes for any other article of clothing she has on that you haven’t seen her wear before.
  5. “You’re a great listener.” If a girl helps you after telling her your troubles, remember this compliment. She should look forward to speaking with you in the future if you show a little appreciation. If you’re really good you’ll follow this up by sending her a nice card. That is always a winner with any girl.
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