Conspiracy Theory Websites

Set down your rose-colored glasses and delve into the suspicious mind with the 10 best conspiracy theory websites. Though the web design ranges from the simple to the frightening, these sites provide a different viewpoint that's interesting to read and offers good topics for discussion when you run out of things to say to grandma. Put on your aluminum foil hat, turn the lights way down and hide your IP address as you look into this list.

  1. Anomalies-unlimited: Your eyesight is fine, it's just the fonts that are hard to read. With a wide variety of subject matter, Anomalies-unlimited delivers information and speculation from under every rock. Make sure to check out the Denver airport link, as it is fascinating and worthy of making the best conspiracy websites.
  2. Infowars: Alex Jones is fairly synonymous with conspiracies and as expected, his online presence isn't dedicated to growing onions. The forums of are where the magic happens as commentators add their views and spins to the daily news until even the calmest of readers starts to look over their shoulder. Discourse is interesting but discourse on one of the best conspiracy theory websites surpasses interesting and lands on hugely entertaining.
  3. UFO Whipnet: If you want the lowdown on what's hiding behind the clouds then is the right choice for you. If knowledge is power, then their alien races page will help you determine what's looking to gang-probe you on a starry night. Simple, readable design with a wealth of UFO information makes this one of the best conspiracy websites out there.
  4. David Icke: Those prone to high blood pressure might want to check with their doctor before visiting this conspiracy website. is the perfect site to see how a conspiracy theorist thinks. Make sure to go in with a laid back attitude especially if you run across his ideas on cancer.
  5. Theories of Conspiracy: With a layout that's soothing and doesn't require a warning for epileptics, is retina friendly. Articles that are long without much rambling and feature thought out ideas make this one of the best conspiracy theory websites out there. Use this site as the eye of the storm as it carries much of the same theories but does it without being insulting. The comments are where the trolls lurk so avoid them unless you want a good laugh.
  6. Above Top Secret: Content provided via massive forums gives a very large breadth and depth. Pay attention to the bottom of the homepage where members pick their top links as it provides an easy way to sample the site. This is a great conspiracy website where the multitudes can share, hypothesize and be strange together.
  7. Illuminati News: A site that plays Russian roulette with each link. Click on one and be treated to an article that uses clipart as paragraph breaks, click on another to see images dance frenetically in place. puts a surprise behind every link so click, learn, laugh and cry.
  8. Free Masonry Watch: Just click anywhere, it doesn't matter where. Dedicated to outing anything and anyone under the influence of the Freemasons, is filled with a wide population of apparent Freemasons along with the images, words and videos to prove it. Look long enough and your name might show up.
  9. Acid Pulse: A dash of conspiracy theory, a sprinkle of Illuminati and a lot of stream of consciousness fuels Most sites are inadvertently funny but this website mixes humor with speculation on more heady topics. This has a nice selection of the bizarre along with ideas about the people and aliens behind the scenes.
  10. Rense: is another site that hurts your eyes, but the real danger is to your psyche so make sure to only take small doses at a time. This is definitely one of those sites where anything and everything are thrown in to the mix and what you spoon out could be interesting or it could be the most atrocious doctored photo you've ever seen. The best description of this conspiracy theory website is that it's the web code equivalent of a severe and incurable mental illness, so feel free to poke around but make sure to wash your hands afterwards.
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