Conversation Starters With Girls


Conversation starters with girls don’t have to be fancy or complicated. And contrary to popular belief, you definitely do not need to see sparks flying during your first conversation to land a first date with a girl! In addition to these conversation starters, remember to be yourself, show confidence and relax! Conversations with girls are fun, after all!


Start with a compliment. A compliment is an excellent conversation starter with girls. It’s a fact that girls love compliments! However, make sure your compliment is genuine, not creepy. And keep sexual innuendo out of the conversation. Something simple like “You have beautiful eyes” will do the trick just fine.


Try a little humor. Humorous lines can work wonders when starting a conversation with a girl. But be careful. Your humor should be cute, playful, funny and perhaps even a little corny. These types of humor work much better than sexually suggestion language. That’s not to imply you shouldn’t imply a romantic relationship. Try something like “What are you going as for Halloween? This year, I’m going as your boyfriend!”


Talk about her. One of the all time best ways to start a conversation with a  girl is to ask about her! Girls love to talk about themselves almost as much as they love compliments. Asking sincere questions about her is sure to get the conversation going. When you first meet, say something along the lines of “You have the look of a country girl. Where are you from?”

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Ask about what she’s doing. A more advanced strategy to starting a conversation with a girl is to ask not about her life, but about what she’s doing now. Is she reading a book? Having a drink? Working out? Wherever you meet a girl, she’s bound to be doing something, and asking her about it will strike up a great conversation!

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