Cook Job Description

A cook job description is varied, and they work in many different establishments where they prepare and serve food to customers. The type and size of the establishment will determine the different duties and workload that a cook will have. The salaries for a cook depends on experience and the level of accomplishment within their given career. There are pastry cooks, short order cooks, soup cooks, fry cooks and head cooks to just name a few.

The main job description of a cook is to make sure the food is tasty, well plated and has eye appeal to the customers. They are typically in charge of ordering the correct amounts of food and supplies to sustain the kitchen. Keeping the kitchen clean and orderly is part of their job description as well. Cleaning kitchen equipment, grills, freezers, fryers and counter surfaces is all part of the job. This can be a messy, but it has to be done in order to a keep a clean and disinfected kitchen. Cross contamination can cause illness and a restaurant won’t survive very long if their customers get sick. Essentially, the reputation of the restaurant hinges on the cooks abilities to run the kitchen and provide great food.

Cooks are also in charge of kitchen staff, creating new dishes and improving on existing entrees offered. A good cook can take simple ingredients and turn them into delicious and exotic entrees. Another job of a cook is to change the menu according to the time of year or the foods in season. This is critical to stretching cooking budgets, as foods in season are typically cheaper than other times of the year.

A cook job description also includes working days, nights, weekends and holidays. Most cooks work part-time and the hours are brutal. Even for all this work, a cook only makes on average of $34,000 a year, unless they are highly experienced or work at a high end restaurant, in which case they can make up to $60,000 a year. While this may not be the most convenient or glamorous job, it can take you places. With a passion for cooking, hard work and perseverance, a cook can choose any food service career path of their liking. Cooks who attend culinary school will broaden their future prospects and better job opportunities will be more within reach.




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