Cool Bowling Balls For Men

When out bowling with friends, it is essential to have one of these cool bowling balls for men.  This is essential because looking cool while bowling can be a real challenge.  Most bowling balls are now sold online as opposed to being sold at a local bowling alley.  This assortment of uniquely cool bowling ball designs will have you seeking out some news lanes to smash in some pins. 

  1. 900 Global Soccer Ball.  The 900 Global Soccer Bowling Ball is amazingly cool, as anyone can show off the most popular international sport, soccer.  It looks like a realistic soccer ball as it flies down the lane.  Mess with your friends and onlookers by running at it and pretending to kick it. 
  2. KR NFL Viz-A-Ball.  For NFL fans, this ball makes a cool addition to ever man’s collection and can be customized to a favorite team.
  3. Lane #1 Time Bomb Black Fire.  This bowling ball looks like it is either a planetary inferno or that the bowling ball was slashed by something on fire.  The red flames stand out whether the bowling ball is moving or standing still, making this an awesome bowling ball for every guy. 
  4. Elite Clear Wicked Skull.  Everybody loves a bowling ball with a skull on the inside. 
  5. Barb Wire Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball.  Designed to look like it is covered in barbed wire, this bowling ball can only be purchased online but it looks amazing on the lanes making it one of the coolest bowling balls around. 
  6. Brunswick TZone Green Envy.  Looking like a gigantic, green marble, the Green Envy looks stunning as it travels down the lane.  This doesn’t just look awesome while spinning as it is very popular when being just carried around as well.  This bowling ball also isn’t very expensive and can be seen in many bowling alleys as one anyone can use.
  7. Storm Virtual Gravity Nano.  This bowling ball doesn’t just look cool with its bicolor format, as it also has great performance.  The Virtual Gravity Nano has an amazing ability to hook for almost any bowler. 
  8. Storm Ice Storm – Black/Silver.  Looking class and cool as ice, the Storm Ice Sets the bar high in coolness.  The logo looks pretty cool too. 
  9. Brunswick Spiral Glow Viz-A-Ball.  When this ball spins, it could hypnotize anybody.  It looks like a gigantic spiral of black and white and is a pretty cool bowling ball for any man’s collection. 
  10. Brunswick Cow Print Viz-A-Ball.  Want your bowling ball to be the center of every conversation when you're out on the town?  Check out the Brunswick Cow Print Viz-A-Ball.  It features a cow print design that ensures all eyes are on the lane where it is being used.  Coolness of bowling ball sometimes means the oddest of bowling ball. 
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