Cool Guns In Fallout New Vegas

Using cool guns in “Fallout New Vegas” adds more excitement and flare while shooting down mutants and menacing ugly enemies in the Vegas Wasteland. Whether you have the heart of a collector or simply a Fallout addict, getting these guns will surely make you more excited to shoot down enemies. Check out these unique and cool guns that you can use in “Fallout New Vegas.”

  1. Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle  Yes, it’s a sniper rifle. Yes, it looks really cool. And Yes, you can use it to dismember any type of enemy even if you’re so far away. This is one of the best cool guns in “Fallout New Vegas,” and you will never regret the time you’ll spend in finding it on top of the sniper mountain.
  2. This Machine  The name of this cool gun in “Fallout New Vegas” speaks for itself. “This Machine” is a rifle powered by a semi-automatic mechanism with a magazine size that can handle eight rounds. Engraved on the left side of this machine are “WELL THIS MACHINE KILLS COMMIES.” This is a quest specific reward on the quest “Dealing with Contreras,” so be sure to look for that quest to get a hold of this machine.
  3. All-American   All-American is a semi-automatic carbine with high accuracy and fire rate, this is a very cool gun in “Fallout New Vegas.” It’s a unique version of the Marksman carbine and it has a more powerful magnification scope as well. If you’re an assault type killer but would like to pick off enemies while storming them, getting the All-American is a must.
  4. CZ57 Avenger   This gun doesn’t only belong to our list of cool guns in “Fallout New Vegas,” it is also the gun that has the highest damage-per-second in all of the Vegas Wasteland. Although this minigun’s damage is only slightly higher than the regular one, it spews out bullets with better accuracy and speed that it’s almost always a certainty that whoever crosses your path will explode into pieces.
  5. Maria   Don’t be fooled by its name, Maria is not only of one of the cool guns in “Fallout New Vegas,” but it is also one of the most dangerous hand guns. This unique .357 magnum has a black finish and an ivory handle. It’s very easy to find in the beginning of your adventure, just look for it inside the Bison Steve Hotel.
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