Cool Photoshop Effects

Photoshop has endless options for manipulating photos and creating cool Photoshop effects. Whether you're distorting an image to make a joke picture, or adjusting the contours to make your picture look more real than real, there is a Photoshop effect that will help you along the way. Here are six of the coolest Photoshop effects. In all of these processes, the best result can be gained by using a high-res version of your photos.

  1. Ink Drops.  This effect is a great way to keep your image customized whilst using a Photoshop effect. By dropping ink into a beaker of liquid (different liquids cause the liquid to dissipate at different speeds and in different ways) and photographing the dissipation you build up a library of images that can then be incorporated into a digital composition, such as a unique tattoo or a print on a t-shirt.
  2. Little Mermaid.  Give a person scales, change the makeup to make them appear more fish-like and layer bubbles, fish and water onto the digital composition to make it appear like your model is a mermaid underwater. This effect is particularly useful if you get your model to pose in a bikini (in the case of a woman). You can also add details like different hair color and electric fish, to make your image pop.
  3. Fire Lines.  This effect is great because it can be created using Photoshop in only 10 steps. Add drama to your picture by incorporating fire lines to imply movement and strength. The fire lines can be enhanced to appear as brightly as you require and are also a great way to emphasis a certain part of your picture because they naturally draw the viewer's eyes towards them.
  4. Fairy Night Eyes.  The eyes are often the center point of an image, so make them smoke with this fairy night eye effect. The effect involves changing the eye color, applying layers of sparkles and even inserting tiny stars into a model's eyes so that they appear enchanted. Even if you are going for a much grungier effect overall, this soft, bright effect can really improve the overall impression of your picture.
  5. Vector portraits.  Vector portraits are super-realistic cartoonizations of pictures. These pictures can be built in several different ways, but fundamentally revolve around adjusting the vectors of the picture. These pictures are a fantastic way to turn yourself and your friends into superheroes or make your party look like it happened on the pages of a comic book.
  6. Sin City.  The unique style used in the cult movie, "Sin City" is very popular amongst Photoshop effects. The effect involves desaturating a photo and turning it into a grayscale image. This image is then layered with a slanted bar-code. You can adjust the levels of opacity in the bar-code to achieve varying levels of intensity on the photo.
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