Cool Team Names

Throughout the history of sports there have been some very cool team names. Not every team name is a home run, but the cool team names stand out and remain for generations. Sometimes the cool team names also inspire some of the coolest logos in sports as well. Some cool team names are no longer in use, but they left their marks long enough to be remembered.

  1. Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Steagles – NFL.  In 1943, the NFL was unsure as to what the fate would be of the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers football franchises. So, for one season, the two franchises were brought together as one team while the league figured out what should be done. The result was the very cool team name of the Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Steagles, which is an obvious combination of the Steelers and Eagles. In 1944, the Steagles were separated back into the Eagles and the Steelers.
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks – MLB. Cool team names often come from the surroundings that the team plays in. The state of Arizona is well known for the diamondback rattlesnakes that are found in the area. When the state of Arizona was awarded a MLB franchise in 1998, the logical name to choose was the Diamondbacks. It remains one of the cool team names to this day.
  3. Golden State Warriors – NBA, Sometimes the cool team names are not necessarily attached to teams that are known for winning. The Golden State Warriors haven't won a championship since the 1973-1974 season, but they have one of the cool sports names in the NBA.
  4. California Golden Seals – NHL. The California Golden Seals played in the NHL from 1970-1971 to 1975-1976 when they moved to Cleveland and became the Cleveland Barons. Once again, it was a name inspired by animals that are common to the area. Rather than choose anything intimidating, the team chose the golden seal. That may explain why the team only made the playoffs twice in its entire history.
  5. Columbus Blue Jackets – NHL. Regardless of what you think of the 2000-2001 NHL expansion, you have to admit that Blue Jackets is a pretty cool NHL team. Columbus, Ohio is known as one of the main places where Union solider uniforms were made during the American Civil War. That is where the name comes from, and it is a pretty cool team name.
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