Cool Ways To Lace Shoes

There are probably infinite cool ways to lace shoes. Mathematicians might even be able to verify the trillions of ways to feed laces through the usual six eyelet pairs on the average shoe. Below are some of the more different ways to lace shoes, as opposed to the traditional criss-cross method.

  1. Get some fashionable laces. Using laces with a pattern on them, bright laces or ones that have something else distinctive about them is an easy cool way to lace shoes. When this is done, even the traditional criss-cross method can look interesting. Use two different colors intertwined for the most intriguing result.
  2. Try the display method. Run the laces straight across the bottom for a cool way to lace shoes. Feed laces into the eyelets rather than have them coming out of them. Cross the ends over and insert into the next set of eyelets as you go up along the shoe. Repeat the process until both ends are at the top eyelets, which should wind up inside of them. The display lacing method is usually seen in stores, as it is neat and organized.
  3. Consider the lattice shoe lace effect. Run the lace straight across the bottom so that it will emerge from both of the bottom eyelets on the shoe. Cross each end over so that it will feed into the number 4 eyelet up each shoe, skipping two sets of eyelets. Both ends should appear straight up from the 5th level of eyelets. Continue this procedure up the entire shoe for one of the cool ways to lace shoes.
  4. Make a checkerboard with two different colored pairs of laces. As one of the most cool ways to lace shoes, try using the wide, flat laces for this. Use one color and cross it with a different shade. Start at the shoe’s bottom and weave the lace in and out with the other lace up to the top of the shoe. Continue to fold across the shoe until there is no more lace. Add new laces as needed. Tuck lace ends into the shoe when done.
  5. Twist laces so that they appear straight across the bottom of the shoe. Position the laces so that they emerge through both of the bottom eyelets.  Twist the lace ends together in one single motion in the shoe’s middle. Continue the ends to opposite sides, tucking them under and out through each eyelet set on the shoe. Repeat this process so that the ends come out of the top shoe eyelets. Experiment with your own designs to find more cool ways to lace shoes.
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