Coolest Custom Billiard Balls

Being a pool shark, or at least looking like one, is as easy as buying a new set of coolest custom billiard balls. When playing billiards, how your girlfriend looks or how robust your pool table is will no longer be important as your life momentarily depends on those shiny spheres. Here is a list of some of the custom billiard balls which will surely replace the conventional stripe-and-solid colored ones:

  1. Vigma Custom Pool Balls – Manufactured with superior durability and excellent brilliancy through the most advanced technology, Vigma Custom Pool Balls definitely have what it takes to be considered as one of the coolest custom billiard balls. Designed with uniform density and flawless surface polish, these pool balls will certainly help you perform your best. Its full color images are imprinted through the latest Heat Transfer Dye (HTD) technology ensuring utmost quality.
  2. NFL Balls – Feel the thrill and excitement in a football game straight from your billiard tables when playing with these NFL custom billiard balls. Now you can always experience intense head-to-head battles between NFL teams. It will no longer matter which is whose favorite team. What matters more is that every playtime’s a whole new ball game on the pool table! Manufactured by the finest Belgian Aramith Company, all NFL team logos and colors are exquisitely reproduced onto every single billiard ball. 
  3. Collegiate Balls –Your strong support to your college teams need not to end once the game is done. With these cool custom billiard balls, you can always vent your cheers to your varsity team players. Through the patented Heat Transfer Dye process, your school’s logo is sharply embedded to and becomes a part of the ball to prevent it from smearing, cracking or fading of the prints.
  4. Blacklight Balls – Put some spice in the game by having these blacklight billiard balls in your collection. When exposed even to minimal black light, these balls, including its inlaid numbers, react instantly emitting that vibrant glow perfect for that new taste of a game of billiards. Primarily made for pure entertainment, these cool custom billiard balls also meet international standards in balance, roundness and weight control.
  5. Harley-Davidson Custom Billiard Balls – At last, you don’t have to hit the road just to be a rough rider. Officially licensed by Harley-Davidson USA, these custom billiard balls satisfactorily accomplish all professional standards for size, weight, and balance. With its radiant colors, glossy finish, and exclusive Harley-Davidson with flame print, these cool custom billiard balls definitely deserve to be considered as one of the hottest items in the market.
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