Corey Miller Tattoos

Corey Miller tattoos have been broadcast to the world through the television show "LA Ink." After appearing on several seasons of the show, his own shop "Six Feet Under" is now known for its tribal work, skulls and Asian themed work. All Corey Miller tattoos are one of a kind. Keep that in mind if you find something you like.

  1. Half Vest tribal lattice. This large Corey Miller tattoo includes tribal lattice work covering the left quarter of the chest and back and extends half-way down the left arm. A blank face is incorporated into the arm area. The tattoo was completed in stages on the show "LA Ink."
  2. The Bomber pilot. Created as a memorial, this Corey Miller tattoo represents the client's father as a pilot in WWII. The detailed portrait covers the entire outer bicep area of the owner.
  3. The Wild Sea Stallion. This unique Corey Miller tattoo depicts a cross between a seahorse and a rearing stallion. The red shading on the tattoo gives it an angry appearance as it covers the left upper arm of the owner.
  4. The First Day of School. This Corey Miller tattoo is a living memorial to a mother's son on his first day of school. The words "Goodbye Mommy" adorn the bottom of a picture depicting a small boy at the end of a long hallway.
  5. Hummingbirds. The large Corey Miller tattoo was completed on the second season of the show "LA Ink." The memoriam piece features three hummingbirds, three flowers and the words "Beloved Always and Forever."
  6. The Newborn. This almost freaky Corey Miller tattoo features a portrait of the owner's newborn on the upper inner right arm. The hand holding the newborn appears to come out of the owner's arm, giving an eerie appearance to the otherwise sweet piece.
  7. Dead Birds. This mournful-appearing Corey Miller tattoo features two black birds lying on their backs surrounded by falling leaves. Done all in dark gray shading, the piece has a sad undertone.
  8. Belly Budda. This Corey Miller tattoo drew a lot of laughs when revealed. The large depiction of Budda covers a man's oversized stomach.
  9. In Memory of Yorkie. The Corey Miller tattoo that might bring tears to an animal lover's eyes depicts the owner's deceased Yorkshire terrier. The portrait stands alone without a traditional memorial ribbon or words.
  10. Champion Spark plug. The final Corey Miller tattoo to make the list is one giant spark plug. Covering the inner arm from pit to wrist, the car part simply says "Champion."
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