Corona: Quick History

If you are a fan of Corona, you might want to know about Corona quick history, which will give you more of an insight on your favorite brew. Corona has been brewing in Mexico since 1925 with the company Cerveceria Modelo. It is considered to be one of the current top selling beers worldwide.

An interesting part of the Corona history involves the lemon and lime wedge that we Americans tend to put into the neck of each bottle. What people do not know is that is was done in Mexico years ago to keep flies from getting in their drinks. Another few interesting facts in this Corona quick history include that it is the top selling imported beer, and is sold in over 150 countries across the world.

Corona was brewed to make connections from the beginning. By connections, we mean old friends becoming even closer, strangers somehow becoming friends, and people in general coming together. Connections is a big part of Corona quick history. Corona is perfect for parties, as it always seems to set a different mood.

Corona is a pale lager which has been brewing for many years, and just seems to get better and better as time goes on. Corona quick history involves good times, happiness, fun, and the best ingredients under that hot sun. Enjoy drinking this pleasurable beer, that goes down smoother than you can imagine. If you have never had a corona, make sure you enjoy everything that comes along with this great tasting beer, such as good times.


About Corona

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