Counties In Texas

There are 254 counties in Texas. True to the adage that “everything is bigger in Texas,” the state has the most counties of any other state in the union. So what are some of the highlights that differentiate various locales?

  1. Harris County With an estimated 3,400,578 residents, there is precious little elbow room as it is one of the most densely populated counties in Texas. Measuring about 1,729 square miles, it has the distinction of being one of the original 23 municipalities left over from the founding of the territory. Notable cities within this area include Houston, Seabrook and Webster.
  2. Loving County In contrast, Loving County is the least populated area with only about 67 residents. The territory encompasses 673 square miles. Mentone is the name of the only city associated with the county. Not only is Loving among the least populated counties in Texas, but it also holds the distinction of being the least populated county in all of the United States. If  "Don't Fence Me In" is your private anthem, this is the county to live in.
  3. Tarrant County With about 1,446,219 residents, Tarrant is one of the more densely populated areas. Texans with an eye on nightlife know that the largest city within its borders is Forth Worth. Other well-known cities include Arlington, Pelican Bay and Saginaw.
  4. Pecos County Home to about 16,809 souls, this is not one of the more occupied counties in Texas. What sets it apart from the rest is the size of its territory. While square footage in triple digits is a common measurement for the average county, Pecos actually incorporates 4,765 square miles. It is home to sprawling oil fields.
  5. Rockwall County Measuring only 129 square miles in dry land, Rockwall is the smallest of the counties in Texas. Even so, it has an estimated population of 43,080 inhabitants, which makes it a tight fit for many a belt buckle. Rockwall is its main city, but it also includes portions of Dallas.

All of the other counties in Texas have their own amazing back stories and also location-specific charms. Then again, if size matters, you cannot beat these five.



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