Craft Blogs

Stuck inside on a rainy day and want to check out a few craft blogs that will prompt creativity? Need a few patterns and ideas for an upcoming birthday gift? Whether you’re a craft master or just beginning to think about getting into crafting, these blogs are sure to inspire.

  1. Not Martha Worried that you don’t have the crafting talent of Martha Stewart, but still want to make unique crafts and gifts? Check out Not Martha for fun ideas about unique craft projects. From a solar powered LED Christmas Wreath to a Leprechaun trap cake, Not Martha will surprise you with fun and funny craft projects.
  2. Betz White One of the leaders in the recycled craft movement, Betz’s blog features a large selection of handmade items made from recycled wool sweaters. From birdhouses to blankets, Betz’s craft blog shows readers that there are a million different ways to repurpose unused household items.
  3. Posie Gets Cozy Posie Gets Cozy is a fun craft blog featuring uniquely whimsical handmade crafts and patterns. A mixture of sewing, knitting, embroidery and crochet projects, the Posie Gets Cozy blog has all the crafty inspiration you’ll need. As an added bonus, the blog features a nice selection of craft patterns, fun photographs and an occasional cooking recipe.
  4. Angry Chicken Angry Chicken is a fun and hip craft blog featuring a wide variety of different crafts and projects. From non-traditional sewing tips and tricks to decoupage and sock monkeys, the irony of these unique craft projects won’t be lost on a reader who’s looking for a craft blog a little out of the ordinary.
  5. Just Something I Made Just something I Made is the perfect craft blog for individuals looking for crafty projects that involve recycling, reusing and repurposing objects found around the house. Check out the huge selection of patterns that show you how to make tee shirt scarves, cereal box notebooks and custom logo baseball caps.



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