Crazy Bands

Crazy bands – crazy funny or disturbingly crazy – are one of the best things to check out when looking for a different musical genre. Music is the universal language that transcends geographical boundaries and generations. Many of us have heard of groups who became popular because of the sheer popularity of their sounds. Some bands became popular because of their live performance antics. While most groups disappear after one hit song, some bands have the power of longevity, lasting for many years.  Whatever the reason, here are some of the top crazy bands that generations to come will still hear:

  1. Led Zeppelin– They have often been voted as the top rock band of all time. They compose, produce and perform their own music. They popularized shaggy hair, tight pants and clingy shirts in rock bands. Back in the days, most parents didn't like their kids listening to Led Zepp, they were one of the best and earliest crazy bands that changed the face of rock music. One more crazy thing about them? They never had a "hit" single during their time, but they were gods when they played in concerts and arenas.
  2. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Widely recognized as the innovators of hard rock and hard metal, this psychedelic band experimented with the three-man format. Hendrix himself experimented with depressants and other drugs which were popular in the 60’s, and the mood swings that followed the drug use led the group to disband. Later on his career, Jimi Hendrix was found dead in a London apartment. The crazy reason why he died? Drug overdose and drownin in his own vomit. If that's not crazy, then nothing is. 
  3. Guns and Roses– Popular for their metal music, this is one of the crazy bands that will be remembered for their live performances.  Many pictures taken from their concerts show a group of shirtless men pumping their heads while playing their guitars. Although their performances may not be as theatrical as the others, their live performances are full of energy and power that you will definitely go crazy seeing them live. Another crazy thing about this band? Well, Axle Rose of course. The guy's attitude led other members to leave the band.
  4. Ozzy Osbourne– Right, Ozzy might not be a “band,” but his crazy antics such as biting off a bat’s head surely makes him a member of this list. He became popular when fronting Black Sabbath, and he became the prince of darkness as he continues his solo career. Although subtler and more comprehensible these days, this man is definitely crazy. This man is so crazy that Blizzard, the creators of World of Warcraft, even created a crazy warlock on one of their commercials as a homage to the man. Yes, Ozzy is "the man."
  5. Slipknot – Heavy-metal mayhem combined with theatrical antiques; ever been to a concert with pig’s heads, blood and vomit scattered around the stage? This makes Slipknot one of the crazy bands out there. Although the band’s heavy metal mayhem came to a halt due to the death of their bassist, they are still living strong and proving that they are one of the craziest bands out there. If you're not ready to go crazy, never ever go to a Slipknot concert because you will definitely be disturbed after.
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