Crazy Sex Positions

Are you looking to spice up your sex life with new crazy sex positions? Looking for some new crazy sex positions? Depending upon what you consider to be crazy, some of these may be dull or completely out of the question for you; however, we are sure there is something for everyone. Always make sure that your partner is willing to try these new things with you. 

  1. Lap Limbo Have your man sit on a chair and put a pillow under his thighs. Sit on his lap lowering yourself onto him. Move your legs onto his shoulders so that your heels or ankles rest on his shoulders. He grasps your hips. You can put your hands around the back of his neck to give you something to hold on to. At this position you can easily control the position he enters you.
  2. Seated Missionary While you lay on your back, have your man sit between your legs with his legs slightly bent. He will then lean forward and wriggle his way into you. It does pose limited thrusting but has a wonderful angle for penetration.
  3. Standing Wheelbarrow Get on all fours like you would for "doggie style." Have him grip your pelvis and pull you up to him. Grip his waist with your legs. You will be in a similar position to the wheel barrow game you played in school. We promise you though, this is much more fun than when you were in school. 
  4. Pretzel Lay on your left side. Have your man kneel between your legs. Curl your right leg around his right side and he will straddle your left leg. He will need to bring you toward him until you are both in the right position. This gives you the deep penetration of "doggie style" while still maintaining face to face intimacy.
  5. Handcuff Play If you're a little curious about getting into different play, then handcuffs are a great start. This does, however, take some balance on her part and a lot of trust. First, place yourself behind her, (after you are both naked) kissing her neck is a nice touch to ease her. Move her hands behind her back to a position that is comfortable for her. Apply the handcuffs, make sure they are not too tight but tight enough that they will not fall off. Once they are on, lie on your back and have her position herself ontop of you in the cowgirl missionary style. The feeling of restraint but being in control will send her into a frenzy.

Make sure no matter what position you try that both you and your partner are willing and if at anytime one of you would like to stop, both of you should understand that it stops. With that in mind, have fun!

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