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Anyone can create a gmail account. Launched by Google in 2004, Gmail is now one of the most popular free email service providers on the Web.  Not only may Gmail accounts be used to send and receive email correspondence, the account may also be used to place free phone calls within the United States and Canada, and chat with other Google or AOL account holders (or people on other networks that support open server-to-server federation)via instant messages or Google voice and video chat feature. The process of creating a Gmail account is easy to complete.

To create a Gmail account you will need:

  • Cell phone with text message service
  1. Go to the Gmail “Create an Account” Web page.
  2. Fill in the listed field boxes. In no particular order, each user is asked to select and answer a security question, provide his or her given name, birth date, desired login name, and create a password. The “Desired Login Name” refers to the user name portion of the Gmail email address. The user name is the title that appears before the “@” symbol. For instance, In this example, “ExampleJoey” is the user name. “” is what’s referred to as the domain name. All Gmail account holders have the same domain name. Every user name, however, must be a unique 6 to 30 character long title. Therefore after entering the “Desired Login Name,” click the “check availability” button to see if the name entered is open for use.
  3. Complete the “Word Verification” CAPTCHA challenge. The CAPTCHA challenge is used to confirm that an actual human, and not an automated process masquerading as a human, is signing up for the Gmail account.
  4. Review the “Terms of Service” agreement.
  5. Click the “I accept. Create my account” button.
  6. Verify your account to complete the Gmail account set up. Each account creator is asked to provide a cell phone number for account verification. Google sends a text message containing a verification code to the cell phone (standard text message rates apply). The cell phone number request is yet another way Google attempts to ensure that an actual human, and not a robot, is creating the Gmail account. Google will not sell the provided cell phone number to a third party vendor, nor will Google use the cell phone to contact the Gmail account holder without the account holder’s expressed permission. The cell phone number is only used to deliver the Gmail account set up verification code. The number is then kept on file as a reference to ensure that a large number of Gmail accounts are not being created using the same cell phone number. To complete the account verification process, check your cell phone for the account verification code sent by Google. Enter the code on the “Verify your account” Web page.

Once the account is verified, you’re done. The Gmail account is created. At the top of nearly every Google Web page there is a “Sign in” link. Click the link to login your Gmail account.

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