Create Google Account

If you create a Google account, you will be able to access a number of different areas on their website. For instance, you could easily create a calendar, use their free email service and use other available products/functions. Here are instructions on how to create a Google account for your convenience.

In order to create a Google account, you will need:

  • Computer with internet connection
  • Web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox)
  • Current email address
  1. Go to Google's website. You can directly create an account via Google's homepage. You may click on the link given below for the page to create a Google account, if you wish. 
  2. Enter your personal information. Google requires just a couple pieces of information to create an account. First is your email address. If you intend on using Google as your email service provider, use a past email account to convert to your new account. This way you can retrieve a lost password if you happen to forget it. Second is a password. Google will tell you the strength of your password.  It is wise to use a combination of numbers and letters (upper and lower case) to create a unique and secure password.  Your country of residence and birthday is also required.
  3. Finish creating your Google account. You will need to type in the displayed characters to ensure you are a human. After accepting the Terms of Service from Google, you may click "Accept" and finish creating your new Google account.

Your new Google account will allow you to use products across the Google network, from Google Checkout to Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Documents and other features.



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