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Do you need to learn how to create new Gmail account? Having a personal web based email account hosted by Google allows users to interact online without putting a personal, private email account at risk to spammers and scammers. Setting up a new Gmail account is a really easy way to maintain some anonymity while shopping online or registering for contests and rewards–and keeping your primary email secure.

What do you need to set up a new Gmail account?

  • Internet Access
  • Web Browser to Access Google
  • A Private Email for Registration
  • A Mobile Phone or Landline for Account Verification

Instructions for creating a new Gmail account:

  1. Open the Google search engine. Open up the Google search engine in your browser and wait for the Google home page to load.
  2. Select the Gmail option. Along the top left of the Google homepage, there is an option for Gmail. Click this selection and allow the page to load.
  3. Choose to add Gmail to an existing Google Account or Create a New Gmail account. Many users already have a Google account to manage shopping, blogs or other features. If you already have a Google account, simply click the option to use the existing account. If you would prefer to set up a new Gmail, separate from your Google account, select the “new” option below.
  4. Supply the required personal information. Both the existing account option and the new user option require some data entry on the part of the new Gmail user. Complete the required forms and press the submit button. It is important that you supply a valid, active personal email address—as that will be the method used by Google to help users retrieve lost passwords or communicate certain account details.
  5. Choose the method of account verification. Google sends required account verification codes via either text or voice calls. Choose the method in which you would like to receive your verification code, enter the phone number—and be ready to enter or write down the code as the verification calls are automated and may come immediately.
  6. Verify the Gmail account registration. Enter the provided verification code and press verify. If the code was entered correctly, you should receive a confirmation—and a screen allowing you to access your new Gmail account.
  7. Customize and use your new Gmail account. From importing addresses and contacts to customizing the features—once Gmail is verified and active, you are free to customize the new Gmail account to suit your needs.
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