Create A Rock Band 3 Setlist

Most players want to create a "Rock Band 3" setlist. It allows for longer play without interruption, a great flow for getting achievements, and a better party atmosphere. Unfortunately, some people do have a problem figuring out how to set up the list itself. Below are the instructions for setting up a "Rock Band 3" setlist.

To set up a "Rock Band 3" setlist, you will need:

  • "Rock Band 3"
  • An instrument or controller
  1. Boot up the game. Yes, you have to put the disk in the tray. Yes, you have to start the game. If you can't get this far, you may have a problem.
  2. Go to "Play Now". Make sure you avoid the career mode of "Rock Band 3". Yes, it is lovely. But you can't make a setlist there.
  3. Go to "Choose Songs". This is the top menu option under "Quickplay". This is where you choose songs. You can choose a song here, you know.
  4. Hold down the "A" button when you select a song. This will move it to a playlist. Repeat this as often as you like. You can make the list as long or as short as you like!

This is, of course, the complex way to make a "Rock Band 3" setlist.  It is also the most common. You can always replace Step three by going to the "Play Setlist" option and then hit "Make a Setlist".  Most players, though, tend to ignore the easier option. Regardless of your choice, you can play as long a list as you like and even save the list for future use. 

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