Create Wedding Websites For Couples

Learning how to create wedding websites for couples is a great way to celebrate an upcoming wedding. It is common for couples to create a wedding website to host the details of the wedding, registries, and information about the couple (how they met, pictures, etc.). You can even include the address on the save the date/wedding invitations. Here are some simple steps that can get you on the way to creating a wedding website.

In order to create a wedding website, you will need:

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Pictures of the bride and groom (optional)
  1. Find a free wedding website to host your website for the couple's wedding. The great thing about wedding websites is that there are plenty of free choices specifically for weddings. Don't consider a conventional method of hosting a website, unless a domain name or something extravagant is really important.,, and are a few popular and free examples.
  2. Register for a free website. You will likely be required to set up a free account at the website you choose. You will then be able to register your wedding website. Come up with something that is short and easy to remember, as you will probably be referring your guests to the website for information.
  3. Fill out the details of your website. Include as much helpful information as you can, such as dates and times.  Driving directions and other ideas can really add to the usefulness of your wedding website.
  4. Add pictures, media, and information about the couple. Personalize the wedding website with plenty of pictures.  Stories of how the couple met and pictures can add to the website.
  5. Use it! Use the website in save the date cards. Don't be afraid to refer guests to the website so that they can get the information they need.



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