Create A Yahoo Email Account

Learning how to create a Yahoo Email account is fast and easy. Yahoo Email is one of the safest thanks to the Norton Virus Scan. Heavy users are also in for a treat since Yahoo Email boasts of an unlimited storage system.

You will need:

  • A Computer
  • Internet
  1. Go to the Yahoo website. Go to the Yahoo website. Click on “Mail” on the left hand side of the page. Click on the “Create New Account” tab.

  2. Fill in your personal information. Type in your first and last name. Click on the appropriate gender tab. Put in the month, day and year of your birthday. Select your country and type in your postal code.

  3. Select a Yahoo ID and password. Choose a unique Yahoo ID. The system will warn you if there are existing accounts that match your pick and provide alternatives. Choose a strong Yahoo password. The “Password Strength” bar should show just how strong. Keep your Yahoo email password secure and safe for your own protection. Type in your password two times to confirm.

  4. Place an alternate email on file. This is important as this will provide you the means to retrieve your Yahoo email password should you forget what it is. Scroll down the “Secret Question” tab and select a question with an answer that only you and perhaps a select few would ever know. Type in your answer. Scroll down the second “Secret Question” tab and repeat the process.

  5. Confirm your Yahoo email registration. Type in the letters and numbers you see in the box. If you have difficulty reading the code, you can choose a new code by clicking on "Try a new code” or choose something audio based by clicking on “Audio code”. After typing it in the blank field, click on “Create My Account” and proceed to your Yahoo email account.   

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