Is Creatine Bad For You?

When you want to increase your muscle mass, many people turn to creatine but often wonder, is creatine bad for you? Generally speaking, creatine isn't bad for you as long as it's used properly. Creatine is found naturally within skeletal muscles, which is needed to support proper muscular functions.

To answer the question, is creatine bad for you, take a look at the supplement and where it’s derived from. Creatine is a natural supplement acquired in a number of ways, often by the consumption of meat and fish. The body is capable of producing creatine with the use of amino acids during the digestion process of foods. Most creatine levels found within the body are found in the skeletal muscles; whereas, the remaining levels are found in the brain, heart and testes.

Nowadays, creatine is often used as a nutritional supplement for bodybuilders and athletes to promote muscle mass. If used correctly, creatine can increase endurance levels, increase muscle strength and increase overall stamina. This supplement allows muscles to function properly and at the highest capacity possible.

Many people have another answer to the question of whether or not creatine is bad for you. Some people feel creatine is bad for you because it doesn’t produce any noticeable benefits. This is true for some people. It’s said, 20 to 30 percent of people won’t respond to creatine. Plus, the benefits of creatine won’t last forever. The biggest difference noted with the use of creatine occurs during the first few weeks of use as the muscles retain fluids. After creatine use ceases, the muscle growth often disappears to the previous stages.

Is creatine bad for you? No, but it isn’t meant to be a super supplement that will allow you to maintain huge muscle growth throughout life. It’s recommended, creatine is acquired naturally thru a proper diet or proper use of over-the-counter creatine supplements.

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