Creative Resumes

Making creative resumes requires some strategy and preparation. A resume needs to include the basic information employers require during their application screening process. The contents of a creative resume should catch the employer’s eye, which will help the applicant to move up the interview list. The applicant’s main goal is to get in front of the person doing the hiring, and that should be the focus of the creative resume.

  1. Decide on the categories for your resume. A basic resume has your objective for the company and your past education and employment histories. Memberships and references are also a part of a boiler plate resume. To get creative, you will need to add some categories, or present your information in a way that grabs the attention of whoever is reading it.
  2. Include your achievements on the resume. Listing achievements is a way to be creative and at the same time inform your potential employer of some of your more notable accomplishments. If you were the number one salesperson at your last job for two months in a row, list that information in the “Achievements” section. Any prospective employer hiring a salesperson will notice that item right away.
  3. Highlight your areas of expertise. For example, an employer can already see that you worked as a designer for XYZ Company in the past work history section of your resume. If you put down specifics of your design work in the resume, the employer will get a better idea of the value you would bring to their organization. You can also list some past client names, which will add credibility to your resume.
  4. Use a few different font colors on your resume. Employers get bored with the same black and white resumes they read day after day. Add some color by changing the category headers to a shade of blue or dark green. Stay away from using italics as they can be hard to read. Instead of using white paper, use a slightly off white or beige color. Make sure the font colors you use look good with the paper before you start handing out copies of your resume.
  5. Don’t be too creative in the layout of the resume. Depending on the field you are applying in, being overly elaborate with the resume design can be a hindrance. The goal is to get an interview, and if you come off as overly eccentric you will damage your chances. Use the interview to demonstrate your abilities and the resume as a way to get in the front door.



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