Creative Ways To Ask A Girl To Prom

There is no way you will get turned down if you try these creative ways to ask a girl to prom. One of the coolest things about being a senior in high school is going to senior prom. The ball is in your court, because you get to decide who you want to take to prom if you want to bring a date. You can always just go with friends or casually ask a close female friend to go. If it's the all out date you are after, though, that's fun to aspire for too. No mater what, you'll have tons of fun dancing the night away and being crazy.

  1. Asking a particular girl to prom. To get that one special girl you want to take to prom, try to bring on the charm. Have you ever noticed how people react when a man gets down on one knee and proposes to his possible so-to-be fiancé? She usually gets very emotional. So try getting on your knee and give the girl a single rose. Ask her to prom as your proposal. That's creative and memorable to say the least.
  2. Ask her to prom in a message. Get a long strip of paper or enough strips of paper to write a message. Make it almost like a code she has to figure out. Write a basic sentence like, "Do you want to go to prom with me?" and turn it in to, "doY OUw aNT tO  gOTo pRo MwiTh mE?" You get the idea. Fun and creative. Half the fun will be watching her try to decode it.
  3. Get your friends help. Get a couple of plain white t-shirts. Write one of two words of a sentence asking her to prom, or have them wear the letters that spell prom. After she reads it, stand in front of her and hand her a flower or rose.
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