Cricket Bat Repair Tips

These cricket bat repair tips can help you maintain the good condition of your cricket bat for many seasons. Cricket bats are expensive and regular maintenance and proper care is required to make it last a long time. You can do some repair on the bat yourself with these tips. 

  1. Repair cracks as soon as you see them appear. Do not wait to an extent that bigger cracks are noticeable before you make the repair. Use a bat repair tape by winding it around the area where the crack appears. Make sure not to wind too many tapes on the cricket bat as it can deaden the feel of the bat surface. You may also use the tape for protecting the bat from scratches.
  2. You can use super glue to repair cracks from a cricket bat. Some find it safer to glue the cracked area first before taping. If you see some crack or splitting on the bat surface sand and clean the area before gluing. Then cover the area with the bat repair tape.
  3. Make an immediate replacement of the rubber handle grip of the bat as it wears. You can buy a new rubber grip and wrap it around the grip handle. Use the bat repair tape for keeping the rubber grip in place.
  4. For bigger damage and crack on the cricket bat you may want to consider contacting your supplier. If the damage is not from your own negligence the supplier can return it back to the manufacturer for a replacement or make the necessary repair for you.
  5. Proper maintenance is required to avoid frequent repair of the cricket bat when not in use. Oiling the bat is recommended using a specialist bat oil or raw linseed oil on post season. Place the oil in your palm and work to oil the surface of the bat, carefully avoiding the splice which has specialized glue that may react with the oil. Allow the oil to dry on the bat for at least 24 hours.
  6. Do not keep the bat exposed to direct sunlight. This can cause the cricket bat to dry. Likewise avoid storing it in a room with high temperature or in a dry or warm area. You can purchase a toe guard to protect the willow from dampness and moisture and preserve the bat in good condition until the next season.
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