Cricket Fast Bowling Tips

Cricket fast bowling tips can help you become a much better cricket player. When you can bowl the cricket ball faster and more accurately than the competition, you will have the competitive edge. These bowling tips will help improve both the  speed and accuracy when bowling the cricket ball.

To execute these fast bowling tips, you need:

  • Cricket ball
  1. Hold the cricket ball correctly. You won’t be able to successfully accomplish a fast cricket bowl unless you are holding the ball correctly. Your wrist should be positioned behind the ball, and the seam on the pall should be in a vertical line. Place your middle finger and index finger on the left and right side of the seam respectively, while your pointer finger and thumb are hold the ball underneath.
  2. Line up your hips and shoulders. to bowl a fast cricket ball, these parts of your body need to be positioned correctly. Your hips and shoulders should remain parallel to each other when bowling the cricket ball. These invisible parallel lines are running horizontally through your body.
  3. Increase your run up. Before bowling the cricket ball, you will have a running start. The longer your running start, the more speed you can potentially get when bowling the cricket ball. Increase this length by just one foot for a faster bowl.
  4. Pay attention to the release. On the rotation, your arm should be straight. Holding the cricket ball lightly, rather than gripping it, will help you get a faster, more accurate release. Release the ball on an upward rotation of the arm when it’s just above your head for greater accuracy and speed.
  5. Practice using more force. A common sense way to increase the speed when bowling in cricket is to simply use more force. However, this can affect your accuracy, so practice plenty before using the technique in a cricket match.  
  6. You will notice that you’ll be able to bowl the cricket ball faster on a cloudy day. The overcast weather causes moisture in the air, which aids speed in cricket.
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