Cristiano Ronaldo: 5 Best Free Kicks

The top Cristiano Ronaldo 5 best free kicks are some of the best free kicks in the history of modern soccer. Apart from David Beckham, there isn’t a better free kick specialist in the sport. Ronaldo can curve, curl and hurl the ball with his foot better than most can with their hands. Behold, the majesty.

  1. Vs. Portsmouth, January 30, 2008 – Legendary Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson called Ronaldo’s free kick on Portsmouth the best he’s ever seen. While many dispute this claim, the strike certainly was a beauty. Scrunched up against the defensive wall, Ronaldo managed to boot it over a line of defending heads with enough spin for the ball to dip back and head straight into the back of the net so quickly and precisely keeper David James didn’t have time to move.
  2. Vs. Sunderland, December 26, 2007 – Watch it closely. The goalkeeper doesn’t move. Not an inch. Ronaldo’s blistering free kick had enough curve to send it over the line of defenders, down again, and across the goal with so much speed that a $14 million keeper didn’t even have time to react. And, that is why this brilliant shot against Sunderland is one of Ronaldo’s five best free kicks.
  3. Vs. Merseille, December 9, 2010 – Five minutes into Real Madrid’s match against French side Merseille in the Bernabéu, Ronaldo set the tone for a strong 3-1 victory by notching one of his five best free kicks. Taken from thirty yards out, the ball seems to be controlled by a self-contained propulsion and direction unit, so precise and controlled was it. In his attempts to defend, the Merseille keeper fell into a farcical barrel roll as the shot just missed the post and zipped into the net.
  4. Vs. Zurich, November 25, 2009 – Ronaldo’s free kick against Zurich rates as one of his five best for its superb placement. Ever the tactician, Ronaldo was able to reach the back of the net by placing the ball just left of center in the goal. The keeper, thinking Ronaldo would, as all free kickers do, shoot for the corner, in the process dove right passed the ball as it sailed over the line.
  5. Vs. Villa Real February 21, 2010 – Ronaldo scored the first goal of what turned into a 6-2 route for the Madrid side with one of his top five free kicks. With barely any lead up, the striker scorched an absurdly elliptical rocket into the back of the net that confounded the defensive wall and spun just wide of the keeper’s outstretched hands.



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