Cristiano Ronaldo: 5 Best Tricks

Considering all the games Cristiano Ronaldo played magnificently, anyone will find it hard to pick which would be his Cristiano Ronaldo: five best tricks. If you just see how he handles the ball well with the ability to keep the ball safe on his team’s side, you may sometimes think it’s just an illusion. As a promising soccer all-star, Cristiano Ronaldo really knows how to play tricks against the opponent, and at the same time, can even make you think twice if what he does actually happens. Doubt no more.

  1. “Real Madrid vs Shamrock Rovers” On July 20, 2009, during Cristiano Ronaldo’s first game for Real Madrid vs Shamrock Rovers, he had great moments that showed his potential as a team player. His moves with the ball were undoubtedly the best of his tricks as a professional soccer player.
  2. “Manchester United vs Newcastle United” Cristiano Ronaldo, the hat-trick hero, led Manchester United to victory on January 12, 2008. With his low free kick, great passes and unbelievable hat tricks or rather, best tricks, Ronaldo, along with his teammates, managed to stay on top through the rest of the game (6-0). It was a perfect win.
  3. “Real Madrid vs Real Mallorca, 5 May 2010” Winning with 4-1 against Real Mallorca, Real Madrid had been really proud for having Cristiano Ronaldo who had his first hat trick and three outstanding goals for the team. His moves, the best tricks ever displayed in the world of soccer, were already awesome during the first half while the second half was just perfect.
  4. “Sporting CP vs Manchester United” On the 6th of August 2003, in a pre-season friendly against Manchester United in the new Jose Alvalade stadium, Cristiano Ronaldo scored and they won 3-1. During this game, he gave a high impression on United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson who signed him for the team at the age of 18.
  5. “First Game for Manchester United” Being the first Portuguese player to join Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo showed in this game what he can contribute to the team even at a young age. Full of energy and dedication, he was able to do some moves, the best tricks that only he can do. His game amazed the crowd and even his team players. His confidence and skills even at that time showed himself to be one of the youngest promising soccer all-stars.
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