Crossfit Games

Many competitors from around the world compete in the annual Crossfit Games which are a grueling multi-event competition to firmly decide the fittest person on earth. Crossfit combines weightlifting, gymnastics, sprinting and many enthusiasts practice it in almost 2,000 gyms worldwide. Law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and military organizations engage in Crossfit games too. Competitors must keep their cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, power, agility, speed, accuracy, and stamina well estabilized at all times. Here’s a short introduction to the top five men who have been well known in this competition.

  1. Rich Froning Jr. He was four points in the lead of 2010 champ Graham Holmberg going into the final event, but his inefficient rope climb technique dropped him from first place. This year, Rich has learned using his legs on the rope climb, judging by his workout 11.1 video. Thanks to his great performance by getting 448 repetitions, Rich has become the only 2010 Games athlete in the top for workout 11.1, taking the top spot on the leaderboard.
  2. David Stowe. David has recently arrived to CrossFit competition. He was training on his own until a few weeks ago. At the Arnold Classic, he ran into Brian Yoak, the owner of the CrossFit Legacy and told him that he needed to train with the best athletes and coach in order to maximize his performance. Now David is training at CrossFit Legacy, the home gym of third place finisher Dan Bailey. David and Dan completed Workout 11.1 in the same heat at CrossFit Legacy.
  3. Dan Bailey. He got the 5th place at the 2010 Central East Regionals by training CrossFit for only a few months. Dan became popular to CrossFit very quickly. Dan has a striking array of benchmark stats, including a 520 lb. deadlift, 2:19 Fran and 47-second 400-meter run. Dan and David finished Workout 11.1, until he started hitting his jump rope on a chalk bucket in the final minute.
  4. Adam Jamieson. Adam is 24 years old and his nickname is "Jamo." He is a Navy diver designated to Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit One. He is a self-described "met-con warrior" who trains at CrossFit Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii. Adam got the thirdrd at the 2010 Hawaii Sectional and 17th at the fiercely competitive South West Regional.
  5. Robert Perovich. Robert is one of the highest-paid male supermodels in the planet and the most respected of the top five athletes. He is a rough athlete in hockey and boxing who completed 600 consecutive double unders and his “3.50 Annie time” is 43 seconds faster than Chris Spealler’s.
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