Cruise Ships With Rock Climbing Walls

There is so much fun to be had on a cruise ship but here is something you would have never expected, cruise ships with rock climbing walls. The reason there are rock-climbing walls on cruise ships, is that they look for any type of excitement to keep you entertained for your entire trip.

  1. Royal Caribbean Oasis Class offers two ships, and both include rock-climbing walls. Oasis Class is a band new fleet of ships that offer so much more then a normal cruise ships. Rock Climbing is just one of the many activities you will love to learn about, and participate in
  2. Royal Caribbean Freedom Class has three ships and again they offer Rock-climbing walls. The Freedom Class is the largest cruise ships available, offering several fun things to do. Not only do they go to amazing places, but they also keep you quite occupied from one port to the next.
  3. Voyager Class is from Royal Caribbean offering five ships, all offer rock-climbing walls. Voyager class use to be the biggest fleet of cruise ships, but still offer amazing, fun and exciting times. These cruise ships are definitely one of a kind, offering much more then just rock climbing walls.
  4. Royal Caribbean has Radiance Class having four ships in there fleet include rock climbing walls as well. Not only can you relax on these cruise ships, but also you can get an extreme work out from all the fun things they offer. From larger dining areas to amazing art, these ships incur to there themes, you will be amazed!
  5. Vision Class is from Royal Caribbean cruise lines offering six available ships and all the ships in this class have rock-climbing walls available. If your not feeling up to the rock climbing, you can gamble, or maybe go to one of the amazing themed bars and have a drink. You can even go to one of the several pools on this ship, or just sit in your beautiful stateroom and relax. 
  6. Sovereign Class is another Royal Caribbean class with two ships, and all of course offer rock-climbing walls. These ships, love to perform boardwalk style shows, and offer the best food available. These ships are also great for children with much to offer for them as well, so what are you waiting for?
  7. Norwegian Pearl has also been known to carry a rock-climbing wall aboard ship. Norwegian cruise lines also offer many fun things for children to do, but while there having fun, so should you. These ships have many destinations, and offer all kinds of rest and relaxation, along with fun and excitement.
  8. Norwegian Epic is also a large cruise ship that offers one of the largest rock-climbing walls at sea. This cruise ship is brand new, and has yet to sail, but it is pushing the line for all cruise ships, and cruise lines across the country. This ship is said to offer things you could never imagine on the ship, like the blue man group, and acrobatics at supper, wow, who would have thought!

If you ever thought there was not enough for you to do on a cruise ship, you were mistaken. More of these cruise ships offer more then your hometowns do, and they are floating city’s you would have never expected! If the thought of a cruise ship made you sneer before, now it will blow your mind.

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