Curling Game Rules

The game of curling is addicting, making it important to understand all curling game rules. Curling is played on a marked court covered by a sheet of ice where 42-pound granite stones are thrown. The members of each curling team throws two stones to the opposite end of the court and scores by placing the stone as close to the center of the court as possible. It takes great skill and precision to place a curling stone accurately and it looks a lot easier than it really is to play.

  1. Rules for the curling field of play. The length of the sheet (the ice covered court) measures 150 feet from back board to back board with a center line running through the length. At each end of the court are circles within circles, with the outer edges of the circles at six inches, two feet, four feet, six feet and resembles a target. This area is known as the house, which is 12 feet in diameter. At the center of the circle is the tee line crossing the center line at the exact center (or button) of the circle. Each end of the court has a hack line twelve feet from the button where hacks (starting blocks) are placed. Each side of the court has a hog line 37 feet from the center of the sheet.
  2. Curling teams. A curling team consists of four players including the lead, second, vice-skip and skip. The skip acts at the team captain and forms strategies, guides the players while shooting last. Per the rules, each player throws two stones per end (end is similar to an inning) and also acts as a sweeper. The sweepers use brushes to brush the ice as a stone is gliding to its target. The act of sweeping warms the ice slightly enabling a small amount of control over the direction and length a stone will travel.
  3. Rules for scoring in curling. Like in horseshoes, the stone closest to the button will score a point. At the conclusion of an end, the stone or stones from a single team closest to the button scores a point each. For example, if the red team has three stones in the house and the yellow has none, the red team scores three points. Per the rules, stones too close to eyeball will be measured for distance from the button.
  4. Rules for curling. A curling match begins when the lead places their feet in the hacks and throws the first two stones, followed by the second, the vice skip and finally the skip. Each player on a team throws two stones in order with the skip throwing last. Two players act as sweepers on each throw and are directed how and where to brush. To be an eligible stone, it must pass the hog line to enter the game. A stone that does not pass the hog line is removed from the field of play. After the first team throws eight stones, the opposing team throws eight stones. A complete end is after each team throws eight stones. A complete game is to ten. The team with the most points wins.
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