Cute Cat Names

Picking out cute cat names means assigning them a cute personality. Cats tend to take on the characteristics of the name their owner choose for them. Thus, if you want a cat who uses the litter box like you intended, forget about tempting fate by naming her Puddles. Similarly, if you want a well-behaved feline who does not tear apart your new sofa, Scratchy is probably not the moniker you should choose from the name department. This list of the best cute cat names will have you drooling over the possibilities of having a cute pet instead of a volatile, shedding monster:

  1. Willow: This name conjures up the idea of sitting by the lake on cool grass on a warm summer day. It is peaceful. Guaranteed, a cat named Willow will sleep on your window sill all day.
  2. Echo: Give your cat this name and you can take them for a scenic ride through a canyon and listen to their meows reverberate off the canyon walls. It creates hours of endless fun.
  3. Cotton: It is hard to not picture a total fluff ball of a cat with this name. It works well with any breed — except for hairless cats.
  4. Misty: Want your female feline to embrace a country lifestyle? Naming her Misty is a good start. Chances are she will make like a true cowgirl and start lassoing up some pesky mice in your barn.
  5. Socks: A classic "cute" name. It worked for former President Bill Clinton and his family. America fell in love with that cat, even as they were pulling out all the stops to run President Clinton out of Washington D.C.
  6. Puff: This only works for longer-haired breeds like Persians or a Siamese that has really let itself go. Just remember that naming your cat after a magical dragon will not help you find a cave filled with treasure or suddenly have a fire-breathing pet.
  7. Dawn: This works as an image boost for an owner. Think about it. How impressed will people be when they hear you get up before dawn every day? No one needs to know you are referring to your lazy cat that sleeps until noon.
  8. Tiger: Great name for a male tabby. It makes them think they are king of the jungle and forget that your young daughter spends her afternoons making poor Tiger model doll clothes.
  9. Cookie: Joke possibilities abound with this one. When your kids ask if they can have a cookie for dessert, you can hand the cat to them and get a good laugh. If Cookie has kittens, giving them other dessert inspired names like Brownie or Candy can keep the joke alive for years.
  10. Skittles: If you have a multicolored cat, this is just the ticket. Plus, you can always score an endorsement deal with Mars. You know product placement on family pets is the next wave of the future.
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