Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend

Looking for lovable names to call your lady friend? There are so many cute pet names to call your sweetie, and it can be hard to choose the correct one. That is why we’ve made a list of a number of high-quality names to name your girlfriend. Ready to select a name for your woman? If so, just keep reading.

  1. Cuddle Bug. You like to cuddle and snuggle toegether your lady, and that is the proper name to show her that. It is a cute, affectionate name that is sure to make her heart melt every time she hears you call her that.
  2. Kitten. Adorable as a kitten, this name is the perfect pet name for your lovable sweetie. This name is rather cutesy, however, and lots of women do not like names that are too over the top. However, considering the fact that  this is a list of the “cutest” names, we’ve got to include this classic.
  3. Buttercup. What lady or girl wouldn’t love to be known as “Buttercup”? It is just too lovable to resist, and your darling girlfriend is sure to love this name if you select it.
  4. Hot Lips. A bit spicier and sexier than the other names on this list, “Hot Lips” is the ultimate sexy and adroable name to call your girlfriend. Those lips of hers have been simply made for kissing, and she’ll really love this one.
  5. Butterfly. Your beloved female friend is as pretty as a butterfly on a summertime day, and this name will show her exactly how much you adore her. Butterflies are some of the most unique and delightful creatures on the earth, and the name “Butterfly” will suit your lady perfectly.
  6. Smooch. When you look at your female friend, the first thing you want to do is plant a massive smooch on her face. This is why the name “Smooch” is an adorable pet name that captures your adoration for her perfectly.
  7. Lady Love. Your woman is the love of your life, and “Lady Love” is a name that you just cannot go wrong with. It’s one of the traditional lovely names that any girlfriend will appreciate.
  8. Pudding. We just had to include this overly cutesy name on the list, as it’s one of those cute girlfriend names that makes you simply smile when you hear it. Even if your girl is as tough as nails, she’ll love when you call her “Pudding”.
  9. Love Bug. Another cute pet name for your girlfriend, “Love Bug” is a name that all women will love irrespective what kind of names they like. It is a simple, yet significant name that tells your lover that you really adore her.
  10. Precious. Your female friend is clearly treasured to you, so why not call her a name that expresses simply that? “Precious” is a classic name that suits all ladies, and is a name that your sweetie will grow more and more fond of every day.
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